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Lisa Sugar in Conversation with Julia Hartz

Sugar:HartzWork hard, play nice. These words guide Lisa Sugar, the founder and president of POPSUGAR.

POPSUGAR is a global media and technology company. The various POPSUGAR brands “attract 100 million monthly visitors worldwide, and inform, entertain, and inspire action through the content we create and the commerce we drive.”

On January 23rd, Hamlin invited Lisa Sugar to discuss her new book, Power Your Happy, with Co-Founder and CEO of Eventbrite, Julia Hartz.

The conversation covered topics from Matt Damon, to working with her husband Brian, to literally raising a toddler at the POPSUGAR office. Ms. Sugar spoke about the origins of her work. “I wanted to get in the habit of writing everyday. I didn’t tell friends I was writing a blog at first. I started sending it to a few people, then they started sharing my movie reviews and other posts with more people, and it just grew.” Eventually Ms. Sugar’s husband Brian, helped her launch the business and it took off from there.

Ms. Sugar and Ms. Hartz went on to trade stories of having daughters while starting companies. Ms. Sugar’s first child was in the office until she was three years old. “The POPSUGAR community cheered when she learned to crawl, gave her tea parties, and the young twenty-something employees would take Katie-breaks to play with her.” Ms. Hartz added that her own baby daughter often slept under her desk at Eventbrite for the first six months. Both women spoke about the joys and inherent challenges of starting families and businesses simultaneously.

Ms. Sugar explained the central premise of her book and the ethos of POPSUGAR. “Power Your Happy, means everyone can figure out how to do more of what they love everyday. It could be a hobby, yoga, or reading more books.” In terms of POPSUGAR, Ms. Sugar emphasized that the company has done well because it has a “distinct voice and vision.” She shared how POPSUGAR is focused on being a positive force that can “power optimism and turn inspiration into action.” POPSUGAR’s activism is evident in its commitment to supporting Tipping Point, “a non-profit organization that fights poverty in the Bay Area.” POPSUGAR also encourages employees to volunteer and be of service two days a year as part of their #PSGives program.

The evening was filled with insight and good humor. We are very lucky to have these fantastic women, leaders, and mothers, in our Hamlin community.

To learn more about Lisa Sugar’s book, please visit: https://www.poweryourhappy.com/

Women Changing The World: A Salon

On March 31st 2016, the Hamlin School hosted a Changing The World Salon at the house of Wanda Holland Greene (Head of the Hamlin School). The evening brought together Hamlin students and special guests: Jennifer Dulski, President of change.org and Hamlin alumna; Etecia Brown, Community Organizer and Hamlin alumna; Julia Hartz, Co-founder and President of Eventbrite; Sammie Rayner, Co-founder of HandUp; and Stephanie Burrell, Co-founder of Thee Art Cave.

The five women introduced themselves and shared highlights of their work, then they were asked thoughtful questions from a group of eight middle school students. You may view this very special gathering by clicking on the YouTube link at the bottom of this blog.

Here are some key takeaways from the discourse:

Jennifer Dulski, change.org-

“I get to wake up every day and build a technology platform that empowers people everywhere to create the change on the issues that matter most to them.”

“There is no greater joy than helping other people.”

“Do as many things that scare you as soon as you can. The earlier in life that you do things that scare you, the easier it becomes to do other things that will scare you.”

Etecia Brown, Community Organizer-

“We plan marches and rallies (for people of color and others facing displacement in San Francisco); we talk to different city officials to work on policy changes.”

“Your network is your net worth.”

“It was awesome for me to be able to witness how creating a space for people to come together does make a difference.”

Julia Hartz, Co-founder and President of Eventbrite-

“Eventbrite is the world’s largest platform to bring people together. Last year we helped to power 2.5 million events around the world.”

“When I try to reconstruct the moment (when she decided to focus on creating Eventbrite) I know the elements were there –  a fearlessness and a willingness to take risk.”

“It has been ingrained in you to be fearless. You are Hamlin women, you have no choice.”

Sammie Rayner, Co-founder of HandUp-

“HandUp provides a way to give directly to specific individuals experiencing homelessness and poverty here in the U.S.”

“Be right here in this day. What are you going to do in this day that’s going to take one step?”

“It’s not about me; it’s about the people and their stories.”

Stephanie Burrell, Co-founder of Thee Art Cave-

“I’m a designer, an educator, and an entrepreneur . . . I wanted to sell things that people feel good about wearing, feel good about saying about themselves and expressing about themselves, which is how I believe you change the world.”

“We were able to have organizations from the UN come into East New York and see what we were doing as a model for places like India.”

“Everyone is going to have an opinion of you, but it is important for you to know yourself . . . We are all unique in that we have our own stories . . . You can stand in your own power and know what is true for you.”


After the main conversation, Julia Hartz asked our Hamlin students to identify their “super power” as young women. The girls shared the following words: honesty, courage, persistence, drive, independence, compassion, organization, resiliency.

The “Changing the World Salon” was an eclectic gathering of powerful women who shared heartfelt stories of their challenges and successes. To watch the Salon please visit:


-Special thanks to videographer, Matthew Rome and editor, Jethro Patalinghug