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Kindergarteners Visit With Medical Doctors

Guest post by Ms. Jennifer Phillips, Kindergarten

As one of our final field trips for our emergent unit on bones, we visited Dr. Lane’s (Mackenzie’s mom) medical office where Dr. Jones (Kaia’s dad) joined us as we learned more about what they do and the tools they use to help people.

Kaia’s dad, an orthopedic surgeon, brought some actual pieces of bone for the girls to examine, as well as some models of bones, and hardware/tools he uses when repairing the bones of his patients.  Dr. Lane, a fertility specialist, gave each girl an ultrasound of their arm, pointing out the layers of their bones seen on the screen and how their bones connect.  Each girl left with a copy of her ultrasound.

Our study has been a cross-curricular endeavor, with Kate Roseman teaching the girls a song/rap about bones, Mrs. Gonzalez and Ms. Ray deepening the girls’ understanding of bones with their scientific expertise, and Mr. Witrak and Ms. Stevens lending us the bones from the Lascaux cave in McKinne lounge for our Georgia O’Keeffe inspired artwork.

Our culminating project will be a “Bones Bonanza” in June where the girls will be able to share their knowledge and work with their families.

Kindergarten Visits the California Academy of Sciences

On April 9, kindergarteners had the opportunity to explore the California Academy of Sciences. The “Flying Puppies” kindergarten class is focusing their emergent study on bones. Unlike the identity and family units, which are largely pre-planned, emergent units are selected based on student questions, observations, and curiosity. The Academy provided ample opportunities for acquiring knowledge related to bones.

Highlights included:

-Studying fossils

-Sketching bones

-Working on puzzles

-Assembling skeletons

-Watching puppet theater

-Studying the evolution of animals

-Studying animal skulls

To learn more, please visit: https://www.calacademy.org/