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Designing Record Album Covers

Recently, grade 4 artists had the opportunity to design their own original artwork for record album covers. The students picked a record title out of a hat and were not allowed to look at the artwork of the real album. The girls were then challenged to design their own cover using the title. During the activity students listened to songs from each album, learning some popular music history along the way.

Building A Story Quilt

Students in Ms. Feldman’s art class are creating story quilts inspired by the work of artist Faith Ringgold.

Faith Ringgold, is a painter, writer, speaker, mixed media sculptor and performance artist who lives and works in Englewood, New Jersey. Ms. Ringgold is professor emeritus at the University of California, San Diego where she taught art from 1987 until 2002. Professor Ringgold is the recipient of more than 75 awards including 22 Honorary Doctor of Fine Arts Degrees. 

Ms. Feldman is personally enriched by Ms. Ringgold’s art. She’s an African American woman from Harlem, she was sick as a youngster, I’m inspired by her backstory. She creates art based on who she is, I want students to look at who they are.

The students wrote briefly about two memories, then chose one to sketch out in pencil. Using the sketch, students create a layered visual image from sewed and embroidered felt pieces.

Here is the draft for the work seen above.

These pieces will be displayed on the 1st floor of Stanwood in the coming weeks.

You can watch a brief interview with Faith Ringgold here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Comf9SetjRA&feature=youtu.be


Shading Value Project by Maggie Jo Feldman


  • Identify a range of value in a work of art
  • Create an abstract drawing using a range of values
  • Apply knowledge of value in different contexts
  • Demonstrate understanding of the use of different media
  • Design a Keynote presentation


Students began this unit on value by first watching a PowerPoint and discussing how using a range of light and dark shading contributes to mood, contrast, and texture in works of art. They designed a value scale in their sketchbooks that showed a range of shading from dark to light.

Applying the shading technique, students produced an abstract value drawing.

In order to further enhance their understanding of the aesthetic effects of shading and develop visual awareness, students integrated art and technology to create a Keynote project using their iPads. Their Keynote presentation included a black and white photograph in which areas of light and dark were identified using their value scale.


Here are the steps the students followed to create their project in Keynote:

  1. Students photographed their value scales. Crop and save in PS Express
  2. They searched a color image on the Internet.
  3. In PS Express, they switched the color image to black and white
  4. They went to Keynote and inserted their value scale and image
  5. They identified on the image the range of values using black or white text where appropriate
  6. They added their names
  7. Students chose to make their piece horizontal or vertical and where to place their name
  8. They printed the project

Follow up formative assessment questions:

  1. Was this helpful in furthering your understanding about values in art?
    Answer: majority “thumbs up”
  1. Did you have fun doing this project?
    Answer: unanimous “thumbs up”
  1. What did you learn that was new to you on the iPad?
    Answer: PS Express to crop and adjust color, using different colors text in Keynote