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Hamlin Student on American Ninja Warrior Junior

An accomplished artist and singer, Grade 8 student Abbie is also an avid climber. She was recently contacted by American Ninja Warrior Junior to compete on the premiere of the show, a spin-off of the popular obstacle course-based reality television show created in Japan. We had a chance to talk with her about climbing and the show.

What do you like about climbing?

It’s really fun. It is a challenge to figure out the climb, to envision what you want to do, then try to execute.

What do you like about Hamlin’s climbing program?

It’s great that Hamlin has a climbing program, not many schools have climbing walls. It is really cool how we learn to belay and mock lead climb.

What was it like being on television?

It was a new experience being on TV. It made me nervous racing against another competitor, that is not something I’d ever done before.

How long will you continue climbing for?

I want to do competitive climbing for as long as I can. I want to do it in college.

The San Francisco Chronicle did a piece Abbie. You can read it here:

Abbie’s episode airs on 10/27. You can learn more here:


American Ninja Warrior: Hamlin Style

10-second bar hang, jumping rope, swinging across a pit, these are only some of the features of Hamlin’s version of American Ninja Warrior, where students get to test their agility, strength, balance and speed.

This lively physical education class is the creation of Hamlin faculty member, Michelle Lovejoy.

I like American Ninja Warrior, I think that it’s really cool. There are a couple of women in the show who have been doing the course as well or better than the men. The girls love participating in the class.

Students are timed going through a challenging course that includes:

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