Meet Hamlin Science Teacher Theresa Evenson ’88

What was your journey after you graduated from Hamlin?
After Hamlin, I attended UHS, and then headed to the east coast for college. I have spent most of my adult life in the Greater Boston area teaching middle school science in both public and independent schools.

What made you decide to come back and teach at Hamlin?
Coming back and teaching at Hamlin was an opportunity to come home (home to Hamlin and home to family and San Francisco where I grew up). I taught at an all-girls school in Boston and have really enjoyed working in this type of school environment. By returning to Hamlin, I have an opportunity to give back, to pass on my love of science to the girls, and to foster a love of learning, which is what I received as a Hamlin student.

What has changed the most at Hamlin since you were a student?
Hamlin was a lot smaller when I was a student, as my 8th grade graduating class had 19 students, so that is one big difference. I would also say the integration of technology in every class is very different. I remember the first computer lab at Hamlin on the second floor, and now Hamlin has a 1-to-1 iPad program where the students are using technology to demonstrate their learning and teachers are learning new platforms to teach in innovative ways.

What has changed the least at Hamlin since you were a student?
The traditions, the mission and the creed of the school – they were and still are the guiding principles of Hamlin.

What are you most excited about being back at Hamlin?
Teaching the girls science, making it relevant to their lives, and when we are back on campus being able to teach in the (updated) science labs that I was taught in by Danny Meyer and Fran Dorais. Also, service learning opportunities and outdoor education adventures – I can’t wait until we can travel with students again – hiking, backpacking, and experiencing the outdoors together. Those were some of my best memories from Hamlin.

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