Virtual Career Day With Hamlin Alumnae

On May 1 the Class of 2020 met with 16 remarkable Hamlin alumnae to talk about the values that shape a life path and what it means to be a Hamlin girl out in the world beyond our walls.

Before meeting, the alums and students filled out their own bios answering questions about personal values and interests. They were put into groups based on these shared values. In her opening remarks, Ms. Holland Greene reminded students that a career and a job are different and are both important pieces of living a value-driven life.

The discussions were focused around the personal values the students and the alumnae hold and how these shape choices and paths that don’t always look clear and straight. As I popped into breakout rooms (2 alums and 6-7 students in each room), I uniformly heard deep reflections on the joys, obstacles and choices that come in life, and the way the skills learned at Hamlin – resilience, work ethic, flexibility, honesty, respect for equity and inclusion – are essential in our changing world.

The wisdom in those Zoom rooms was truly impressive. We are so very proud of this Class of 2020 already – they are truly special – seeing them in a space full of the remarkable women who came before them, we can see how they will shape the world in ways that are both beautiful and appropriate to who they truly are. In this time of pandemic, it was a wonderful reminder that a Hamlin education can help transcend all obstacles- Hamlin students are truly meeting the challenges of their time in so many forms.

It was so incredible hearing the many skills and lessons these women have learned from Hamlin that still continue to resonate with them and have allowed them to be who they are today. –Lexie G.

The following alums shared their time and wisdom with our students:

Kate Larsen ’97: TV New Reporter/Anchor ABC7 KGO-TV
Monica Brown Andrews ’84: Vice President of Global Legal Operations, Equinix
Lizzie Hammerman ’94: COO, Alkalign Studios and Engineering Consultant
Jenny Wendell Lentz ’99: Attorney, Folger Levin LLP
Liz Allick ’04: Sr. Talent Business Partner, JUST
Marlee-I Mystic ’96: Doula Coordinator and Doula, SisterWeb SF Community Doula Network
Samantha Wong ’03: Marketing Associate/Freelance Stage Manager, American Conservatory Theater
Katharine Gin ’86: Co-Founder and Executive Director, Immigrants Rising
Elizabeth Pappademas ’94: Learning Specialist, Viewpoint School
Malieka Bundy ’84: The Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Wynanda Armas ’05: Senior Team Manager, User Experience Research, Charles Schwab
Laura Rubenstein ’97: Psychiatrist
Chandler Tang ’05: Owner, Post Script (gift shop)
Annie Wilson ’09: Data Analytics Marketing Manager, Splunk Inc.
Jackie Zider Peradotto ’98: Principal, HarbourVest Partners
Sara Harrison Roberts ’03: Business Owners (Recruiting Firm)

-Guest post by Gillian Curran

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