Nikki P. Cooper Speaks at Hamlin

On Monday students in grades K and 1 had the opportunity to meet children’s book author, Nikki P. Cooper.

Nikki P. Cooper is the author of Chocolate Covered Gratitude With Blessings on Top. It is a book that teaches children how gratitude for life’s simplest offerings can be the beginning of creating a life of purpose, abundance, and love. Nikki is the parent of Hamlin alum Anais Cooper ’19, owner of San Francisco’s first legacy business, Two Jack’s Nik’s Place (a restaurant), and the recipient of the 2019 NAACP Entrepreneur of the Year award. Her book will be available at our 12/7 Winterfest Book Fair.

Ms. Cooper read the illustrated story on a large screen while a couple of students joyously acted out the scenes.

To learn more about Ms. Cooper, please visit:

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