Grade 2 Celebrates Teacher Appreciation Day

Guest post by Annabelle, Grade 2 Student

Tuesday was Teacher Appreciation Day.  In class, we read two books about having teachers that make a difference: Because I Had a Teacher and A Letter to My Teacher. The books made us feel great about our Hamlin teachers and memories. We had an assembly and my dad was honored for being at Hamlin for 5 years. I’m really proud of him! Ms. McDonald also won a special award and got a standing ovation. The assembly was fun to see all the teachers celebrated! We ended the day with FaceTiming Ms. O’Brien’s Second Grade Teacher, Mrs. Dratch. We had a lot of fun and asked a lot of questions about Ms. O’Brien, like if she talked too much or asked too many questions when she was a kid. We got a good report on Ms. O’Brien as a student! Mrs. Dratch said she became a second grade teacher because of her second grade teacher. Ms. O’Brien did the same. Maybe one of us will do it too!

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