Hamlin Alumnae Reflect On Their Education

On May 6, Hamlin welcomed back ten members of the class of 2015 who will soon be graduating from high school (two just did). These bright and articulate young women reflected on their Hamlin education in front of an audience of faculty members, staff and trustees. Wanda M. Holland Greene and Teebie Saunders led a vibrant and insightful discussion, asking the students about their time at Hamlin, exploring topics like: gender, core values, academic preparation, and their passions. Below are a few of the central themes that emerged.

-All the panelists spoke about how Hamlin prepared them to speak up and advocate for themselves in classes and at their high schools. Many cited the “confidence” that Hamlin instilled in them.

-Most of the panelists were involved in various forms of leadership at their high schools, including: being a peer advisor, participating in student government, being captains on sports teams, and leading clubs focused on art, inclusion, feminism, and politics.

-Panelists spoke about how they felt very prepared for high school. They cited the skills of time management and organization that they developed while at Hamlin. Many of the former students also mentioned the excellent education they received in math, science and technology.

Thank you to our alumnae who joined us:

Sabrina McFarland: Lick Wilmerding HS, attending Barnard College

Mia David: Lick Wilmerding HS, attending Carleton College

Sophia DiSabato: Lick Wilmerding HS, attending Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Kheli Atluru: University HS, attending Stanford University

Hannah Ferguson: Lowell HS, attending American University

Callie Jones: Branson, attending Johns Hopkins University

Macie O’Neil:  St. Ignatius College Preparatory, attending Pratt Institute

Lili Price: The Bay School, attending Parsons School of Design

Allie Westley: Branson, attending Stanford University

Dawn Grillo: Hockaday, attending University of Redlands

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