Pinnacles Adventure with Grade 6

Grade 6 went to Pinnacles National Park last week. They enjoyed the outdoors and also immersed themselves in personal growth.

Pinnacles National Park is a national park protecting a mountainous area located east of Salinas Valley in Central California, about five miles east of Soledad and 80 miles southeast of San Jose. The park’s namesakes are the eroded leftovers of the western half of an extinct volcano that has moved 200 miles from its original location on the San Andreas Fault, embedded in a portion of the California Pacific Coast Ranges.

Some highlights were:

-Looking at the clear night sky, thick with constellations

-Encouraging each other with rock climbing (They climbed twice, about 3 hours each day)

-Participating in skit night and song wars

-Journaling and doing reflective sharing, including writing a letter to their 8th grade self

-Doing a solo walk surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature

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