Social and Emotional Role-Playing in Lower School

On Monday, Janice Tobin and Elizabeth McLeod from the Institute for Social and Emotional Learning worked with students in Grades 3 and 4.

Students had an opportunity to explore various facets of communication by role-playing with aggressive, passive, and assertive language. They focused on word choice and how body language is involved with communicating. One of the goals was to avoid being too passive or too aggressive.

Some communication examples:

Passive– head down, no eye contact

Aggressive– name calling, blaming

Assertive– strong tone, kind but direct

The Institute for Social and Emotional Learning will be speaking with Lower School parents at Hamlin on 2/12 and with Middle School parents on 2/13 (8:30am-10am both days). The Institute will be working with Middle School students in March.

For more information about their work, please visit:


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