Hamlin University: Year 2

At The Hamlin School we want parents to learn with us. We feel that a community functions best when we are all knowledgeable about the philosophical and practical approaches to educating children. With this in mind, today we launched our second year of Hamlin University.

The following classes are taking place over the course of this academic year:

-Social & Emotional Learning (SEL) for Parents, taught by Kylie Cobb

-The Birds and the Bees, taught by Konika Ray

-The Beginning Reader, taught by Lindsay Bothwell

-Public Speaking, taught by Tim Johnson

-Moving Beyond the Leveled Letters, taught by Lindsay Bothwell

-Think Like a Mathematician, taught by Gillis Kallem

-The Hamlin Creed in Action: Creating projects to solidify learning, taught by Mark Picketts

-Digital Citizenship, taught by Brian Louie

-Equality vs. Equity, taught by Nisa Frank

-Building a Better Dinnertime, taught by Tali Biale

-Demystifying the Secondary School Admission Process, taught by Teebie Saunders

-Cooking at Home Together, taught by Tali Biale

Hamlin parents can visit the “Hamlin U” group page on HamlinNet to sign up for classes, or click here: https://hamlin.myschoolapp.com/app/faculty#communitypage/88854638/bulletinboard

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