Alumnae Reflect On Their Hamlin Education

On May 7, Hamlin welcomed back ten members of the class of 2014 who will soon be graduating from high school. These bright and articulate young women reflected on their Hamlin education in front of an audience of faculty members, staff and trustees. Wanda M. Holland Greene and Teebie Saunders led a vibrant and insightful discussion, asking the students about their time at Hamlin, exploring topics like: gender, core values, academic preparation, and their passions. Below are some of their thoughts.


-Hamlin provided so many powerful female role models; I came to high school knowing what I could do as a woman.

-I’m very grateful for my Hamlin education. In high school I took a physics class with mostly males and always had the confidence to speak up because of what I learned at Hamlin.

-Hamlin provided the opportunity for me to feel comfortable trying new things like music and dance.

Core Values:

-Hamlin taught me to do what I thought was right, follow what I believe, and know what I want to fight for.

-Hamlin had natural born leaders. I learned what it means to be a leader while allowing space for the voices of other people.

-I learned how to listen at Hamlin, especially to someone I didn’t agree with. Hamlin emphasized mutual respect, we all learned from each other.

Academic Preparation:

-The educators at Hamlin are fascinating, intelligent, and lovely people, they inspired me not just as teachers, but also as human beings

-Hamlin taught me about time management, public speaking, and the importance of self-advocating.

-I felt super prepared for high school. Hamlin exposed me to many different types of science; this was helpful as I entered into various high school classes.


Panelists cited many current passions that began at Hamlin. Below are some of the areas they mentioned:

-Science, Politics, Medicine, Social Justice, Animation, Film and Television, Creative Writing, International Relations, Languages, English


Thank you to the alumnae who joined us:

Anise Crump: University High School, attending Northwestern University

Chandler Crump:  St. Ignatius College Preparatory, attending New York University

Georgia Gardner: University High School, attending Stanford University

Caroline Haigood: College Preparatory School, attending Colgate University

Maddie House: University High School, attending University of Southern California

Molly Kehoe: Redwood High School, attending University of Wisconsin

Olivia Kleier: College Preparatory School, attending Georgetown University

Alyssa Romo: The Urban School, attending Brown University

Margeaux Wolberg: Drew School, attending a joint program at Jewish Theological Seminary and Columbia University

Maddie Wu: Nueva High School, attending University of Southern California


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