Asenaida Escober Speaks with Students about Honduras

Hamlin parent Asenaida Escober, shared her love of Honduras with Grade 7 students in Spanish class today. Speaking only in Spanish, Ms. Escober showed photos and described the geography and natural beauty of her home country. She also talked about colonial architecture, regional artwork, and traditional Mayan festivals.

After her presentation, students asked Ms. Escober a series of questions that they had prepared in Spanish. The following are a few of those questions:

-Do you have a favorite food dish from Honduras?

-Can you describe your favorite tradition from Honduras?

-Which animals live in Honduras?

-Would you like to live in Honduras again?

At the end of the class Ms. Escober provided students with some snacks typically enjoyed in Honduras.

This firsthand learning experience provided a wonderful opportunity for our students to practice their Spanish in a “real life” context.

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