Kindergarten Visits Jane the Bakery

A Hamlin Kindergarten class (Ortiz/Burnett) has been focusing their emergent class study on baking. This study is based on student interest through questions, observations, and curiosity. When possible, baking is integrated into various aspects of class, including math, science, and writing. The class has been baking bread all year long with a bread-making machine, but visiting Jane the Bakery (on Geary Street), provided students with an engaging firsthand experience.

Born from a deep-seated love of all things culinary, Amanda Michael founded JANE to satisfy her passion and deliver memorable experiences to the many loyal and transient guests who have come to love the institution. Amanda’ s career in food and hospitality spans decades and she has spent many years cooking and baking in a myriad of restaurants.

Amanda opened Jane on Fillmore in February 2011 with the mission of serving top quality coffee, pastries, breakfast and lunch. We serve healthy food with an emphasis on flavor and quality of ingredients. Everything is made fresh daily from scratch.

Jane on Larkin opened in 2013 and our expanded space allowed us to introduce our own line of breads in addition to our house-made pastries. We also introduced our full catering department.

In late 2016, Jane the Bakery opened, allowing us to expand our bakery program even more. We bake several dozen breads daily as well as a full line of laminated items and pastries. Our breads and pastries have quickly gained recognition as some of the best you can find.

As part of their Jane experience students:

-Watched the baking of baguettes

-Watched the baking of cookies

-Learned about how bread is prepared with yeast

-Rolled their own dough

-Took a tour behind the counter and saw how pastries were loaded in the display case

-Learned how the cash register works

-Saw how the coffee is made

-Met some of the head bakers

-Took delicious baguettes and cookies home with them

This exploration into baking will culminate with the class opening their very own bakery for visiting parents and teachers. The girls are currently working on their name, logo, and menu. Our Head of School, Wanda Holland Greene has generously offered to open the kitchen of her home for the girls to practice their baking skills. Profits from the bakery will go to a local nonprofit (voted on by the students).

Below is a video of our students working the cash register:

-Special thanks to Hamlin Trustee, Amanda Michael for opening her bakery to our students.

To learn more about Jane, please visit:




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