Visiting Slide Ranch

Last week, Grade 4 students visited Slide Ranch as part of our Table to Farm Program.

Table-to-Farm field trips give Hamlin girls a chance to get their hands in the dirt and experience the process of growing food, tying in conversations about food justice, environmental sustainability, and the role of women, immigrants, and young farmers in the changing face of agriculture.

Highlights included:

-Milking a goat named Sweet Pea and tasting the milk

-Gathering leaves and plants, then feeding them to the goats

-Petting sheep

-Picking lettuce, chives, mint, and sorrel from the garden; then eating those plants in rice paper rolls

-Sifting compost to make potting soil

-Planting pea seeds

-Feeding chickens and ducks

-Checking for eggs

Food Program Manager, Tali Biale shares:

It was great for the girls to see how a working farm operates and be part of the process.

A Grade 4 teacher shares:

It was a truly wonderful field trip! The girls had an absolute blast at Slide Ranch! 
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