The Future of Fish Farming with Zach Stein

On February 2, Zach Stein spoke with middle school students about his work creating Osmo Systems. Stein’s visit was part of this year’s eco-theme which is focused on Ocean Awareness.

Osmo Systems was founded by Zach Stein and James Regulinski, two Silicon Valley natives who’ve been friends since they were four years old. They founded Osmo Systems in 2014 with the goal of pushing our global food system into a healthier and more sustainable direction. At first they targeted a different industry with the OsmoBot sensor, hydroponics and aquaponics, but made the pivot to focus fully on aquaculture and shrimp farming in 2017. The company is backed by tier 1 VC’s who share in our mission to help shrimp farmers generate higher, more predictable yields.

Intelligence to grow your shrimp farm.
Osmo automates your water quality and feed management to optimize shrimp growth rates, FCR, and yields in every pond. Get the best return on your investment by automating your shrimp farm (Osmo website).

Stein shared the following points (among others):

-In the coming years, the number of people demanding seafood will continue to increase, while the “wild” supply decreases

-By 2030, 70% of seafood will be fish farmed

-Fish can be vegetarian fed

-Fish farming reduces pressure on “wild” aquatic species

-Some fish farms are unhealthy because of the overuse of antibiotics, too much fecal matter in the water, and other detrimental conditions

-Osmo has invented a new water quality sensor for aquaculture

-Osmo is building a software platform for farmers to manage their entire farms

-Studying Osmo-created data allows farmers to constantly improve the quality of their product and operation

Stein shared this infographic showing that people will outnumber fish 5 to 1 by the year 2048.

To learn more information about Osmo, please visit:


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