Heirs To Our Oceans Visits Hamlin

This year’s eco-theme at The Hamlin School is Ocean Awareness. On January 5, we welcomed Heirs To Our Oceans, a dynamic group of young leaders striving to protect our beautiful planet earth.

Heirs to Our Oceans is a rising tide of young leaders around the globe who are taking the ocean crisis into their own hands, educating themselves and others, bringing hope and solutions to the surface, and creating waves of change that will ensure the health of our blue planet for their generation and for future generations.

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Heirs To Our Oceans is a nonprofit started by young people, with over 200 members globally. The core group (ages 11-14) spoke passionately and profoundly on a variety of topics.

They made the following points (among others):

-93% of extra heat from greenhouse gases goes into the ocean

-Coral bleaching/dying, ocean acidification, and sea level rise are growing concerns

-We can reduce our impact on the environment by eating less beef, using renewable energy, and doing away with single use plastics

-500 million straws are thrown away globally per day; metal or glass straws can be used instead

-The use of plastic in our society is just a habit, and habits can be changed

-Sea Otters and other marine animals are dying because of fertilizer run-off into oceans

-Santa Cruz, California, is looking into taxing the use of fertilizer because of the way it negatively impacts the environment

The presentation was inspiring and very informative. We will be learning more about ocean-related topics in the coming weeks, culminating in our celebration of Earth Day on April 27.

For more information about Heirs To Our Oceans, please visit: https://www.heirstoouroceans.com/

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