Hamlin’s Book Drive

From November 2nd through 17th, Hamlin students and parents worked diligently to collect 3,346 books that were generously donated by members of our community. The volunteers sorted and stacked books during lunch with dedication and care. The large team of students also organized the event in terms of advertising and getting the word out.

This year books were donated to:

-Boys & Girls Clubs of San Francisco, (specifically to the Willie Mays Clubhouse in Hunters Point, the Excelsior Clubhouse, and the Visitacion Valley Clubhouse), where the books will go directly to children in need.

-Bookmobile of Sonoma County (some of these books will go to children who lost their homes in the recent fires).

-Hamilton Families

-Children’s Book Project

Grade 6 volunteer Maren states:

Books are magical things that can take you to different places, times, and worlds.  Some kids may not have their own books at home.  The book drive gives those kids the chance to experience the magic of books whenever they want.  I’m personally very happy that I can share my love of books and books that I have outgrown with other kids.

Malia shares her thoughts on the book drive in this video:

Special thanks to the following Hamlin parents for their work with the Book Drive:

Kana Muraki, Kathy Shepherd, Schenley Walker

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