Simply the Basics Visits Hamlin

Meghan Freebeck, the founder of Simply the Basics and CEO of Project Homeless Connect visited The Hamlin School on October 24. Simply the Basics provides personal hygiene products to those in need.

The Mission of Simply the Basics is to provide for individuals, organizations, and communities their most basic needs with dignity so that they can focus on bigger goals. We simply remove barriers, allowing people to have the opportunity to achieve.

Ms. Freebeck spoke about the following (among other topics):

-Simply the Basics supports people based on “Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs”

-Simply the Basics conducted extensive research before launching their nonprofit

-Simply the Basics has 45 partner organizations and has distributed 300,000 products to date

-Simply the Basics offers “Academy” classes to people so that they can learn about nutrition and other subjects

-Simply the Basics doesn’t distribute products directly on the streets because that takes away “choice” from those in need

-Simply the Basics does not take any photos or videos of clients in order to preserve their dignity and privacy

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