Learning With Hamlin University

At The Hamlin School we want parents to learn with us. We feel that a community functions best when we are all knowledgeable about the philosophical and practical approaches to educating children. With this in mind, we recently launched Hamlin University.

Parents were expressing more and more interest in learning. We wanted to create a course catalog as if they (the parents) were in college, tapping into teacher expertise to share information on a wide variety of subjects.  -Nisa Frank, Lower School Division Head

I love the idea of Hamlin U.. It emphasizes the importance of all of us learning, just like students. These classes give parents an interactive way of engaging with us faculty, learning new tips and tricks, plus participating in deeper conversations with each other. It challenges everyone to take a closer look at their existing strategies and reflect on new ways of thinking.   -Kylie Cobb, Lower School Counselor and Hamlin U. presenter

The classes are great, I want to sign up for all of them!   -Hamlin Parent

The following classes are taking place over the course of this academic year:

-“Bullying” vs. “Mean Behavior”: Understanding more through digging deeper

-Turning Struggles into Successes: Creating a growth mindset

-We’re All In This Together: Best practices for engaging in relationships with one another

-Reflect, Repeat, Respond: Cultivating authentic conversation and critical thinking in children

-Kindergarten Math Morning Extension: Math inquiry from a kindergarten perspective

-Think Like a Mathematician: How do we promote number sense?

-The Beginning Reader: How children learn to read, and how you can support them

-The Proficient Reader: They can read, now what?

-The Birds and the Bees: Best practices for discussing puberty and human sexuality

-Think Like a Musician: Discover what lower school music is really like

-Gender & Digital Life: Understanding digital citizenship

-Understanding the Needs of Introverted Students

-My Body = My Friend: Learning about body image and food issues

-Gross Motor, Fine Motor, Cross the Mid-line, Oh My!

-Considering the Perspectives of Others: A lens into 5th and 6th grade social studies

-How are iPads integrated in the classroom?

-Beyond Yuck and Yum: Cultivating curious and open eaters

Hamlin parents can visit the “Hamlin U” group page on HamliNet to sign up for classes, or click here: https://hamlin.myschoolapp.com/app/faculty#communitypage/88854638/bulletinboard



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