Technology, Physical Education, and The Hamlin Creed

Grade 6 students are working in teams to design an app that describes what they are learning in their PE rotations and how those skills relate to The Hamlin Creed.

The apps have four screens — one home screen and one screen for each rotation (climbing, dance, and group sports). Each student is responsible for creating one screen that describes the current rotation. The team works together to make the home screen.

Students brainstormed what the app would look like, considering colors, button types, and font size, while designing a uniform appearance for all four screens.

Below is an example of a screen that incorporates courage and respect from The Hamlin Creed:

Hamlin technology educator, Caroline Windell states:

Students are using the platform (App Lab) to create their designs. This is an introduction to Javascript (programming language) that will prepare them to create a “choose your own adventure” app based on the novel The Giver (read in English class). That app will demonstrate how characters from the novel can make different choices to create multiple endings.

To learn more about and their App Lab, please visit:




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