Hurricane Relief Bake Sale

Guest post by Hamlin parents, Wayne and Marina.

When the various hurricanes hit over the past few weeks, the devastation they had on those regions did not go unnoticed in our household. Ella, our 6-year-old, was especially affected by what happened — saddened by the sight of homes under water and the thought of people losing everything they have (including their pets!).

A few days ago she approached us and asked, “Can we do something to help the people hurt by the hurricanes?” So we talked about the various things we could do to show our support and agreed to host a bake sale and donate all proceeds to hurricane relief.

With help from friends and fellow Hamlin families, we all baked and baked the day before in preparation for the big day. We set up shop on Marina Green last Saturday at 9:30am and stayed until everything was sold! It was a long day, but we had such a great time sharing this experience with our girls and those who came out to support throughout the day. At the end of the day, Ella’s bake sale raised nearly $1000. In addition, we received a generous corporate dollar-for-dollar match, raising our total hurricane relief fund to $2000!!!  We chose to give all the proceeds to the Greater Houston Community Foundation since 100% of donations go directly to the nonprofit organizations working directly with hurricane victims.

Thank you again to everyone who helped bake goodies, and a HUGE thanks to Hamlin for creating such an extraordinary environment that fosters strength, courage, independence, compassion, and responsibility in all of our wonderful girls.



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