Replate Speaks About Food Justice

On September 21, the founders of Replate spoke with our Grade 7 students about food justice and their dynamic nonprofit that provides 5,000 meals a week to 40 shelters. Replate collects food from many tech companies including Amazon, Facebook and Google. The food is then quickly given to organizations like Project Homeless Connect to feed those in need.

Replate was born in Berkeley, California on January 1, 2016. It is built on a group of passionate social entrepreneurs, activists, food heroes, drivers, and designers. 

We connect communities and help make everyone a solution to the food insecurity in their area. Through our robust technology, we are able to match business’s excess food with those in need. 

The Replate service is unique because our methods are human-centered, streamlined, and scalable. We provide a dynamic platform to encourage communication and transparency between our clients, drivers, and recipients to ensure the most reliable service. This enables us to have a consistent, measurable supply of food for our recipients. 

The founders, Maen Mahfoud and Hooman Yavi stressed the importance of addressing problems head on.

If you see a problem in society jump on it, just get started trying to work on a solution, you don’t need to have it all figured out, start small and just do it.

This advice will serve our students well when they work on their Rise to the Challenge projects in the spring.

For more information about Replate, please visit:


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