Wonderland Film: Starring Audrey Hui, ’16

We had a chance to catch up with Audrey Hui, ’16 and learn about her passion for acting. Audrey is currently attending San Francisco University High School and recently played the role of Adeline in the short film, Wonderland.

Stranded in Sin City for Christmas, 12-year-old Adeline struggles to keep her mother’s gambling under control, all for the promise of a perfect family holiday once her father arrives.

Wonderland was filmed in Las Vegas, and was directed by Tiffanie Hsu. Audrey had the opportunity to act in the film with her mother Joan Chen. Ms. Chen has appeared in a number of movies and TV shows during her illustrious career.

During our conversation, Audrey shared the following:

I enjoy acting, it is a passion of mine, I love being different characters, the entire process, learning lines, blocking, I like all of it. 

My mom doesn’t have a “normal” job, I get to see a different her, her passion, her intensity. I get to witness her serious dedication, she helps me better understand how my character feels. My mom guides me, I can take constructive criticism from her well. It can also be weird, we will be happy off camera, then have a tense scene where I have to be mad at her.

Mainstream movies have barely any Chinese women in lead roles. I want to see Chinese women play roles beyond being a sidekick or best friend. So many movies use Asian stereotypes and portray characters the same way in every film, if they are even represented at all. 

Hamlin shaped me, a lot of who I am right now is thanks to Hamlin. 

To watch the trailer for Wonderland, please visit: https://vimeo.com/189999889

Below is brief video of Audrey speaking about Wonderland:


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