Hamlin: A Bright Schools National Finalist

Hamlin 7th graders Sofia M. and Jacqueline F. were recently named National Finalists in the Bright Schools Competition.

Their project, How will blue light emitted from iPads affect how you learn and sleep? is one of 50 National Finalists in the Innovative STEM Competition for Students in Grades 6-8.

Sofia M. and Jacqueline F., along with their teacher Melissa Alfred, have been named national finalists in the 2nd annual Bright Schools Competition™. The competition is a collaborative effort of the National Sleep Foundation and the National Science Teachers Association that encourages students in grades 6-8 to explore the correlation between light and sleep and how it influences student health and performance.

“The Bright Schools Competition is a celebration of the talent and ingenuity of our youth, providing students with a unique opportunity to think critically while exploring the connection between light and sleep,” said NSTA Executive Director Dr. David Evans. “Congratulations to all of the national finalists for their hard work, enthusiasm, and imaginative ideas.”

Under the mentorship of an adult coach/teacher, teams of two to four students identify, investigate, and research an issue related to light and sleep as it pertains to their community and/or young adolescents. Using scientific inquiry or engineering design concepts, teams develop a prototype, create an awareness campaign, or write a research proposal for the competition. Each team then submits a written report detailing their project along with a three-minute video showcasing their investigation. Projects are evaluated on the basis of several criteria, including scientific accuracy, innovativeness, and potential impact.

More information about the competition is available at http://brightschoolscompetition.org/.


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