STEMming the Gender Gap Day v.2

StGG v2 ivThe Hamlin School will celebrate STEMming the Gender Gap Day on Friday, December 2. This day is an opportunity to promote science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education and careers among girls and to connect them with female tech leaders in the Bay Area. Hamlin girls will have the chance to see, interact with, learn from, and teach these women leaders as they prepare to be tomorrow’s tech superstars and help #StemGenderGap!

This year Hamlin is partnering with a variety of incredible Bay Area tech companies and organizations for STEMming the Gender Gap Day, such as The Lawrence Hall of Science, The Bay Area Discovery Museum, The Exploratorium, Quizlet, Twitter, NASA Ames Research Center, Autodesk, Common Sense Media, SalesForce, Pop Sugar, Event Brite, Mobilize, Other Machine Co., Honeybook, and more. Some examples of what Hamlin girls will be doing:

  • Third graders will be making a presentation to the design team at Quizlet about their experience using the app in the classroom. Afterwards, students will have the opportunity to hear from a panel of women who work at Quizlet.
  • Fourth graders will visit and learn about the largest wind tunnel on the west coast at NASA.
  • Seventh graders will visit with a female MIT engineer at Other Machine Company to discuss women in tech and female entrepreneurship.

For questions about STEMming the Gender Gap Day, please email Mark Picketts at

3 thoughts on “STEMming the Gender Gap Day v.2

  1. Charlotte Rodeen-Dickert

    It was a pleasure to have the 6th grade girls about to learn about STEM and the history that goes along with it. I was very impressed with their problem-solving and teamwork skills in building the catapults! As a woman engineer myself, it really made my day to hear, “Wow! Cool!” and watch them immediately start exploring when they got down in the engine room. They’re a sharp group of young ladies and I hope they follow their curiosity and interest in STEM no matter what they do in life!

    STEM Education Manager
    USS Hornet Museum

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