Hamlin Kindergartener Helps the Hungry

SaayaSometimes the youngest members of our Hamlin community show us the way to serve others and give to those with less financial resources.

Since the age of 4, Saaya has asked questions about homeless people. “How do they eat? Where do they sleep?” She began with these questions while searching for solutions. With an innate and intuitive understanding, Saaya felt empathy for homeless individuals observing, “people need food to eat.” Her first answer was to take food from her house directly to homeless people.

Given her desire to act, Saaya’s parents began searching for volunteer and service options. In 2015, they discovered the Bay Area chapter of the International Basket Brigade.

The altruistic work of the Basket Brigade is:

Inspired by the world renown Anthony Robbins’ “call to action” and motivated by the the efforts of our friends at the Anthony Robbins Foundation, our team is focused on bringing holiday meals full of hope to families in need in the San Francisco Peninsula area. Dedicated to creating positive change for hundreds of families during Thanksgiving, the SF Basket Brigade provides Thanksgiving Day gift baskets to local families in need.

This year Saaya was determined to help feed as many people as she could.  Her parents created a video where she explains what the Basket Brigade does and why people need food. Originally her parents thought Saaya would perhaps raise $500, but in just two weeks she obtained $2300 in donations for food baskets. The money will help 57 families enjoy Thanksgiving meals this holiday season. Saaya’s caring message clearly resonated with donors. The Hamlin community is very proud that she is addressing a challenge of our time by helping to alleviate hunger during the holidays.

You can watch Saaya’s video here: https://fundly.com/basket-brigade

To learn more about the SF Peninsula Basket Brigade, please visit: http://www.sfpbasketbrigade.com/



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