The Immigrant Experience Through Film

JandKOn November 2nd our Hamlin community welcomed alumna Katharine Gin ’86, and other guests for an emotional evening that explored immigration in the United States through film. This well attended event was our first Hamlin PLAID function of the year.

“The mission of PLAID is to support a vibrant and inclusive environment in which all members of the community can celebrate their authentic selves. We foster open dialogue through family programs, parent education, and community outreach.”

We gathered to watch, Sin Pais, Halmoni, and The Caretaker. The films addressed deportation, undocumented immigrants, and the relationship between an immigrant caretaker and an elderly woman. Central to all the films was the truth that all people are sentient human beings with loving families, regardless of labels, borders and governments.

After the films were shown, PLAID attendees had an opportunity to reflect on what they had just seen by answering the following questions:

Do you have a personal immigration story that you would like to share?

What struck you most about these films?

What resonated with your (or your family’s) experiences? What felt different?

Following the reflective questions, participants from the three films shared their perspectives on immigration in a paneled discussion. Ju Hong stated his desire to provide, “a human face to the immigration debate, change the narrative, and open the hearts of people.” Others spoke about the growing rate of deportations and the unstable feeling of being undocumented. Inherent within the conversation was a belief that kids who were brought to the United States by their parents should have an easier pathway to citizenship.

Below are links to these soulful films:

Sin Pais:

The Caretaker:


Special thanks to Hamlin parent, Thip Ark for sharing her immigration story and helping to make this evening a tremendous success.




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