Political Discussion with Hamlin Alumna, Mather Martin ’97

MatherMartinIn the topsy turvy world that is our 2016 presidential campaign, it was wonderful to welcome back Hamlin alumna Mather Martin ’97, to help make sense of the American political scene.

Ms. Martin has worked for Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker, and is currently a political and fundraising adviser to tech mogul Sean Parker of Napster and Facebook fame.

Ms. Martin stressed that politics can be a non-stop fully emergent experience, but that she “chose to work for people who can actually make change happen.” She asked Hamlin students, “what are the issues that are really important to you?” Whether it is the environment or women’s rights, Ms. Martin emphasized that working in politics can and does create positive change. She went on to share some of the skills involved with her work. She spoke about the ability to effectively communicate and networking, urging students to “never be shy.”

Ms. Martin also spoke from personal experience about the difficulties that female candidates regularly encounter. She shared that stereotyping and prejudice against women is a very real aspect of the political landscape. She went on to state, “Hillary’s outfits get criticized, but no one criticizes a man’s suit.” Ms. Martin acknowledged that American morale is low at the moment, but she implored Hamlin students to not forget that, “Hillary is our first female nominee for president.”

During the question and answer period, one person asked her how she stays hopeful in this current political climate. Ms. Martin responded by stating, “there are rooms full of young women like you who will soon be in charge.”



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