Hamlin’s New Green Garden

Greenhousew:CurranThe Hamlin campus recently became just a little bit more green thanks to the efforts of a group of committed students, teachers, and parents. Led by the newest version of the Green Team, the Environmental Ambassador Club turned part of the lair into a bonafide garden. The EAC members meet every Thursday and serve as ambassadors relaying messages to their peers during assemblies, while also sharing opportunities to spearhead environmental projects at school.

The greenhouse garden contains a myriad of herbs ranging from lemon balm, to French tarragon, while the ground level garden has everything from artichokes, to potatoes and fava beans. On Thursdays, club members will have the opportunity to prune, trim, and eventually harvest plants. They will also perform fundamental tasks like adding soil, water and compost.

In addition to the EAC’s work, the first grade also participated in this environmental stewardship project. With the guidance of their science teacher Konika Ray, students planted the fava beans, with each spot marked by a popsicle stick with their name on it. The fava beans should reach full maturity in June, at the same time as graduation. This work is part of Ms. Ray’s science unit where girls study the life cycle of plants.

Ms. Ray states, “the garden is a way to engage the girls to think about where their food comes from, and give them a chance to be with nature and get their hands in dirt.”

Special thanks to Amy Conger, Michelle Lovejoy, and Cameron Taylor for helping to make this work come alive. Also, a big thank you to Bernard and Jane von Bothmer for generously donating the greenhouse and other items in support of our environmental work at Hamlin.

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