Citizen Science & Hamlin

unnamed (1)What is Citizen Science?

Citizen Science gives students or the general public an opportunity to be a part of current ongoing research. Most studies have to do with the changing global climate and how habitats are changing over time.  One of the first citizen science projects was conducted by Professor Joe Caprio at Montana State University. He collected data on postcards in the 1950’s on lilac plants in backyards and gardens. With this information, he was able to discover  how elevation and latitude were connected to the onset of spring and to look at climate change.

Hamlin and Citizen Science.

Hamlin has been collecting data on six different studies for the past four years. Some of the studies have students collect data on birds for migration patterns, on plants in order to look at climate change, and on pollinators to look at habitat size and pollination patterns. Students even got to skype in with Gretchen LeBuhn, the scientist who works with pollinators.  Hamlin’s work was featured in California Academy of Science “Citizen Science Toolkit”. There is a link below, and Ms. Davis was invited to present our work at a recent teacher’s night in the Presidio and the slide deck is below.

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