The Hamlin School Volunteers at Lava Mae

LavaGroupOn September 27th, five altruistic Hamlin 8th graders volunteered at a Lava Mae “Pop-Up Care Village.” On the last Tuesday of every month, Lava Mae takes their services to the people, or “guests” (as they are called), demonstrating radical hospitality right in front of the Main Library in downtown San Francisco. Unique to Lava Mae is their mobile shower system. On the day we went an estimated 60 people were able to take showers. This opportunity to get clean provides uplift and a means to preserve human dignity.

On Tuesday, Lava Mae provided:

Library Services, Food, Haircuts, Showers, Clothing, Hygiene Kits, Live Music, and opportunities to visit with people from the non-profit, Project Homeless Connect (among other services). Core to the Lava Mae experience is the belief that kindness, listening and empathy matter.

Upon arrival, our five volunteers (and one Hamlin mom), got right to work. Mikayla, Sophie and Anya distributed food, while Ava and Sarah worked hard cleaning the stalls after each guest completed their shower.

Sarah states, “Working at Lava Mae gave us the opportunity to match real faces and names to the people and numbers we so often hear about when we discuss the “homeless population.” The respect and gratitude of the volunteers and guests was inspiring, and I look forward to working with Lava Mae again!”

Rachel from Lava Mae shared, “Your whole Hamlin group was phenomenal, you are hard working ladies, can you come every month?”

Watch our volunteers at work:



Earlier in September, the founder of Lava Mae, Doniece Sandoval visited Hamlin. To learn more about Lava Mae and Ms. Sandoval, please visit:


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