7th Grade Lip Sync Contest

KaneLipSyncLast Friday, 7th graders in the “World’s Greatest Girl Bands” class pumped up the music, put on costumes, and did some Tonight Show-worthy lip sync performances. I asked Middle School Music and Chorus teacher, Will Skaff to share the pedagogy behind the lip sync contest.

“In this class there will be a final performance at the end of the semester where the girls sing with their own voices, play instruments, and perform songs from some of the most influential all-female bands in history, from the Supremes to the Spice girls.

This lip sync contest was the first in-class performance so that the girls can begin to learn to work in groups, manage their time, understand their strengths and areas for improvement, and most of all, start being creative. We thought lip syncs would be great so that girls did not have to worry yet about their own vocal strength.

The parameters of the contest were that they had to stream at least three songs (or parts of songs) together, do their own choreography and accessorize with props and costumes. The three faculty judges scored them on preparation, creativity, participation and enthusiasm.”

Special thanks to the judges, Mallory Powers, Amy Conger, and Anu Mathur.

Below is a clip from the contest:



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