Numeracy with Pamela Harris

PamHOn September 20th we kicked off our parent education series with Pamela Harris, author of Building Powerful Numeracy for Middle & High School Students.

Ms. Harris focuses on numeracy and number sense in math learning. Numeracy is the ability to reason and to apply simple numerical concepts. Basic numeracy skills consist of comprehending fundamental arithmetics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Ms. Harris stresses the importance of figuring out the math, rather than memorizing it.

She states, “when we help students construct numerical relationships, they begin to believe that mathematics is understandable, that it is not all about memorizing abstract, counter-intuitive rules, but instead an arena in which they can reason and use their intuitive sense. We can develop their numeracy and use this understanding to build higher math.”

Prior to speaking with parents, Ms. Harris spent the day working with math teachers. Hamlin teacher, Karl Yorston learned that “not everybody accesses their math connections the same way, but finding their way of accessing connection is crucial.”

If you are a Hamlin parent or faculty member, you can watch Pamela Harris’ talk here:

For more about Pamela Harris please visit:

Special thanks to Mark Picketts and Gillis Kallem for facilitating Pamela Harris’ visit.


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