Lower School Curriculum Night – Digital Resources

By Debra Cardonedigital library
Lower School Librarian

September brings the start of a new school year, and once again classes begin, it is not long before your child will need to do research or a project.

Why not give your 21st Century learner a head start by taking the time to view and explore our Lower School Digital Resources that were introduced during Curriculum Night.

When it comes to searching, parents can make a tremendous difference (and support what’s happening in school) by directing your child to online library resources. These crown jewels of student research include online databases such as encyclopedias, almanacs, Libguides, video clips, educational science, math games, and much more are all easily accessed at school and our Hamlin website 24/7.

Find library resources here

We encourage our digital 3rd and 4th graders not to fire up Google, which offers an overwhelming amount of results, including Wikipedia and they do not offer curated resources for the young learner. It is challenging for a child to separate reliable information from what’s not reliable, so Hamlin faculty and the librarian use substantial classroom and library time and energy teaching our students to access the best online academic research materials using our databases.

Part of learning how to make solid decisions is learning and using these 21st Century Digital tools that offer the best source of information.

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