Common Sense Media Tip of the Week: 09/12

CS_supporter_school-BIG-300x62 digital_citizenship-certified_school-medWhile most adults would agree that face-to-face contact is important, there’s no doubt that online communication continues to change how we find, form, and maintain relationships. But the truth is, teens have always had their own codes, slang, and shorthand that adults weren’t meant to know. Now, in addition to cool catchphrases, they have an arsenal of tools that can sum up a sentiment in one image. While we don’t want our kids to lose the art of conversation (especially at the dinner table), we can’t deny the power we keep in our pockets and purses that has transformed the way we connect — or disconnect.

Digital tools can cut just about every corner including those involving communication.  Take a look at this sampling of how your kids are communicating with technology and no doubt you’re kids will be impressed with your new communication skills.

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