Debra Cardone & Civil Rights, A Faculty Profile


Ms. Cardone has been working at the Hamlin School since 1999. She was born in Brooklyn, grew up in Berkeley, and attended CAL-Berkeley for college.

Ms. Cardone loves her work as a librarian at Hamlin. She enjoys “inspiring children to read and explore books and knowledge, seeing their joy when learning.”

Ms. Cardone can trace her roots back to slavery. Her uncle Arthur Lewis did extensive genealogy and found that Ms. Cardone’s family was once owned as property on a Louisiana plantation.

Ms. Cardone has a life-long passion for civil rights. Over the summer she visited the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, Tennessee. The above photo is of Ms. Cardone with the statue of Rosa Parks at the museum.

Her trip brought her closer to her late uncle, civil rights attorney, Herbert Henderson. Mr. Henderson was the lead attorney in the 1961-1965 Marshall University students’ desegregation case, John Hereford vs White Pantry Restaurant. The case resulted in the White Pantry and Bailey’s Cafeteria being opened to all races.

Her visit helped deepen her understanding of social justice as she continues to provide outstanding books and resources that relate to social movements.

To learn more about Herbert Henderson please visit:

To learn more about the National Civil Rights Museum please visit:


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