Global Citizenship Strand Leaders

Strandleaders1The Global Citizenship program continues to expand. Next year four dynamic strand leaders will help to power and support this incredible work.

Amy Conger, Environmental Stewardship: Amy was one of the founding members of Hamlin’s Eco-Council back in 2005 and has had a passion for all things eco and sustainable for the last 12 years of her time at Hamlin. She is integral to the work of the Green Team, initiated  the weekly Walk to School Wednesday challenge with the Sacred Heart Schools, and has labored tirelessly on planning Earth Day every year for the last 10 years. Amy’s favorite animal is the Bradypus Bradypodidae, otherwise known as the 3-toed sloth.

Sheena Tart-Zelvin, Service Learning: At a prior school, Sheena helped students create a youth-led service learning program. Her students created a framework that could be used to take on both small and large scale projects as well as local and international.

Heather Smith, Social Justice: Heather has dedicated years of pedagogy to exploring issues and history related to social justice. From human trafficking to migrant farmworkers, her ability to illuminate important topics is uncanny. Last summer Heather journeyed through the south exploring the civil rights movement as part of her Penny Wheelock award. Through her studies and travels, Heather brings a wealth of wisdom to social justice work.

Christina Kane, Global Awareness and Communication: At age 16, Christina participated in Greek Summer, a global leadership program that involved living with a Greek family, building a road for their small village and climbing Mount Olympus. This initial international service experience served as an inspiration to Christina and motivated her to seek out more ways to expand her world view. After graduating from college, she went on to teach 4th grade at a bilingual school in Costa Rica and then received her Master’s in Spanish Linguistics through Middlebury College.

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