Digital Citizenship Tip of the Week – 4/28/2016



You’re sitting down to dinner and  — buzz buzz! — your phone starts vibrating.  You’re tucking your kid into bed and – squawk, squawk! — an app begs to be played.  It never fails; technology can interrupt our most treasured family moments.

Common Sense’s latest blog post, 3 Places Families Should Make Phone Free, offers practical advice about how to help tackle this dilemma.  And, if you want to kick-start conversations with friends and family around social media and technology use, host a special Bytes & Bites Community Media Dinner.  Here’s a link to a comprehensive guide, co-created by Common Sense and The Family Dinner Project.  It lays out a full game plan to help you create an evening filled with adults and kids sharing perspectives, discussing hot topics, and learning more about each other’s experiences.

Have a great week and don’t forget to use Common Sense

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