4th Grade Parent Coffee

Fourth grade parents joined the Hamlin digital_citizenship-certified_school-medschool technology team, lower school counseling & administration, and Common Sense Media’s own Dana Blum this morning to share frustrations, successes, research and best practices around Tweens and Screens.

Parents began by learning from counselor Kylie Cobb about the 4th grade brain and what is happening at the age level before becoming active participants and sharing what technology looks like at their house.  Lower school technology teacher Caroline Windell explained what Hamlin does and does not do with respect to technology.  Dana Blum shared research and information in response to the parents’ previously stated challenges. The overall message was one of partnership and communication and the response to the event was excellent.

Some key take aways were:

  • use a Device Contract – and remembering that what our kids sign, we should sign too.
  • to focus on WHAT was happening on screens instead of HOW MUCH time is being spent on them.
    • Creation vs Consumption – girls play games for 2-7 minutes a day vs. boys who play more than 50!  There are great games available for both genders.


Slide Deck:


Here is the Good Morning America piece that was referenced in the workshop.

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