Digital Citizenship Tip of the Week – 3/3/2016



Snapchat, Kik, Omegle and Whisper are just a few of the “iffy” messaging apps that kids love.  Though most teens are only sharing day-to-day moments with an already-tight social group, there can be unintended consequences when teens think temporary messages really disappear forever or when they make mean comments under cover of anonymous apps.  Here’s what you need to know about 6 anonymous and disappearing-message apps you’re likely find on your kid’s phone.

As an added bonus, I wanted to give you some suggestions from the 2016 International Toy Fair.  The fair featured some clear battles lines drawn between screen-less play and tech-focused toys. 

The most interesting innovations, however, are either a blend of physical toys and technology or traditional toys taken in a new direction.  Hear are some of the coolest offerings that will invite your kid to play on-screen, offscreen, and with new ideas.

Have a great week and remember to use Common Sense!

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