Digital Citizenship Tip of the Week – 11/24/2015


As we head into this holiday season, many parents have told us that they want to ensure we are raising a generation of kids who are grateful for their blessings.  Common Sense wants to help parents and educators and we have compiled  Books and Movies That Inspire Kids to be Grateful.  This list of movies and books will inspire kids from toddlers to teens to be thankful well past Thanksgiving.  From classic films such as A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and It’s a Wonderful Life to new books such as Last Stop on Market Street, you’ll find lots of reasons to be thankful for this list of winning kids’ picks. And, if your older kids need more great book options, review our just released list of 10 Book Series for Parents and Teens to Binge-Read.

And, since we are grateful to our schools and parents for ensuring that our kids understand Common Sense’ Digital Literacy and Citizenship, I want to give you all a sneak peak at our Holiday Gift Guide (for those of you who happen to be shopping post Thanksgiving)!

From our Common Sense family to your family- we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving,

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