Nastasha Dalzell-Martinez Brings Sevilla to Hamlin

photo (34)On November 18th, Alison Trujillo’s 6th grade Spanish class hosted Hamlin parent, Natasha Dalzell-Martinez.  Ms. Dalzell-Martinez is the mother of 6th grader Sofia Ibarra and has deep family roots in Sevilla, Spain.

Speaking only in Spanish, Ms. Dalzell-Martinez talked about the geography, history and Arabic influence that is integral to understanding Spain.  She went on to share photos and stories about three main celebrations that take place in Sevilla: El Dia de los Reyes, Semana Santa, and Feria de Abril.

With each celebration, she explained various details; for example, in Spain the three Reyes (Kings) give presents, not Santa Claus.  During the Semana Santa, there are more than 100 processions and events that go into the wee hours of the morning.  A highlight of the Feria de Abril is day-long flamenco dancing, complete with ornate traditional dresses.

Ms. Dalzell-Martinez ended her formal presentation by teaching students the subtle and symbolic hand gestures used in Sevillana flamenco dancing. During the question and answer period, students asked pertinent questions in Spanish related to culture, food, accents, and music.

To watch Hamlin students learning flamenco dance moves please visit:

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