Dan Harris, an Interview with Michael Krasny

photo-53In November we were very lucky to host a lively and engaging conversation between two media giants, Dan Harris (ABC News Anchor and Author of the book 10% Happier), and Michael Krasny (Talk Show host of the Forum on KQED Radio).

The dialogue centered around Dan’s discovery of meditation and mindfulness, but also covered topics as wide-ranging as Jerry Garcia, Peter Jennings, and reporting on El Salvadoran gangs.

A link to watch the interview is below, but some of the central points were:

-A key to meditation is to not try so hard and don’t expect anything

-Dan defined mindfulness as, “the ability to know what’s happening in your head without getting carried away by it.”

-Happiness was defined as “more of the good stuff and less of the bad”

-“Happiness is a skill” that can be cultivated

-Mindfulness can make a person more compassionate

-Meditation changes the brain and can lead a person to behave better

-Dan spoke about reporting on various religions for ABC News.  As a result he learned, “the value of having a world view that transcends your own narrow interests.”

To watch this wonderful discussion please visit:


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