Digital Citizenship Tip of the Week – 10/28/2015


Add the word “sexy” to pretty much anything and you have the inspiration for any number of women’s Halloween costumes. Sexy nurse, sexy cop, even sexy Olaf! It’s bad enough that party stores separate kids’ costumes into dated, strict gender roles (policemen for boys, princesses for girls). But when you get a costume catalog, go to the store, or do a Google search, you’re bombarded with the sexed-up versions of getups designed only for women.

You can take this opportunity to help kids understand the sexy-costume phenomenon,  how it sells women short, and how they can reject it and replace it with positive role models  who communicate strength, intelligence — or anything else they want to be for Halloween (or in life). Read the full blog about five empowering tips for parents to change the “sexy Halloween costume” phenomenon!

  1. Talk back
  2. Find positive role models
  3. Explain that some industries are behind the times
  4. Separate “sex” from “sexisim”
  5. Explain how sex moves products faster

Have a great week and remember to use Common Sense,


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