“Debugging the Gender Gap” in Technology

photo-50On October 27th Hamlin was the first first school in the world to screen the must see film, Debugging the Gender Gap: CODE documentary.  We were lucky to be joined by women connected to the film: director Robin Hauser Reynolds, producer Staci Hartman, and Danielle Feinberg, director of photography at Pixar.

The entertaining and highly informative film addresses everything from the increasing need for computer science jobs, to details about how men in tech purposely and subconsciously discriminate against women.

Some of the key points made by the film are:

-The United States needs more teachers of computer science in order to successfully teach technology curriculum

-The technology industry needs more diversity of thought and perspective in order to create better, more effective, and user friendly products

-Hollywood and media has played a role in promoting a culture of male dominance in the computer industry

-Sexism is a very real problem in many tech companies

-Tech inclusivity for women and women of color, in particular, is a social justice issue

After the film was shown, Feinberg and Reynolds answered questions.  Feinberg made it clear that in the face of discrimination women need to continue “demanding and pushing” to shift the culture.

Reynolds spoke passionately, stating that “Anyone can be a coder regardless of gender or skin color.”

For more information about the film and to watch the trailer please visit:


“{she’s} coding” provides provides education, resources, and actionable guidelines for anyone who wants to help bridge the gender gap in the field of computer science.  Please visit the website below for more information:


-Special thanks to the Hamlin Diversity Council for bringing this film to Hamlin.





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