Hamlin Admissions …. en Español

We believe in student creation here @ Hamlin. Is there be a better way to “show off” your school than to show prospective parents what it looks like through the eyes of a student?  Señorita Powers and Señora Trujillo challenged their girls with that question and answered it for prospective parents who’s first language was Spanish:

From our interview with teacher Alison Trujillo:

What were your goals going into the project?

Mallory and I wanted to make an admissions video that would welcome Spanish-speaking families to Hamlin. We also wanted the students to practice speaking aloud and school-related vocabulary. This ties into one of the 7th Grade Spanish units.

What did you do?

We divided our 7th graders into 6 groups. Each group was responsible for creating a video in iMovie about one of the following topics: Location, Campus, Community, Academics, Arts, and Sports. We spent about one week brainstorming, planning, and filming. After the girls sent us their videos, Mallory and I put them all together in iMovie.

If you were to do the project again what (if anything) would you change?

-We would ask the students to refrain from adding their own titles in a video, as we had to take some out to create more uniformity.

-We would ask a few girls to volunteer to edit the overall video…maybe for extra credit. We definitely spent a lot of time on the edits and putting it all together. Some features of iMovie on the laptop were not intuitive for us.

When you reflect on the project what are a couple of moments that really “jump out” at you?

The students went above and beyond in this assignment. Their videos were very detailed and highlighted what they felt to be really important in our community. It was great to see the school through their eyes.

In addition, this project has a specific use. The girls were excited to use their language skills in a concrete way that benefits our school and prospective families.

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  1. Catherine Epstein

    I applaud this delightful and informative video produced by the Spanish classes with Señora Trujillo and Señorita Powers. As a recently retired Admissions Director from Head-Royce School in Oakland, I know how welcoming this will be for Spanish speaking families visiting your website. Kudos to both of you for increasing access to Hamlin School!


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