Mulan and Global Gender Equity

photo-38As we continue into the 21st century it becomes increasingly clear that gender equity is inevitable.  The seeds of that equality were planted in past generations, in geographic locations both near and far.  The ancient poem, The Ballad of Mulan is one such seed.  By most accounts, Mulan lived in China sometime between the years 386 and 618CE.  She was a woman who fought the Huns and gained respect and admiration from both men and women alike.

Led by the creative intelligence of teachers Margaret Clark, Jill Randall, and Heidi Abbott, our 8th grade girls performed the ballad with gusto, humor, and flare, doing justice to this global tale.  Before the dramatic action began, the audience was educated about the history of ancient China including information on the six social classes, government structure, architecture, and Buddhist temples.  The introduction went on to include a recitation done by a student in Mandarin.

The performance was anchored by an eclectic mix of acting, singing, and dancing. Not to be missed was the strong music accompaniment consisting of various pieces utilizing percussion and piano.  The set design and traditional dress rounded out an exceptionally entertaining event.



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