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I heard George Couros speak at the Marin County Office of Education a little more than a year ago; furthermore I was fortunate enough to be invited to a round table before his talk.  One of the things he said during that session that really resonated with me was simply answering the question:

How do we move from a school with pockets of innovation – to one with a culture of innovation?
The answer:  Share what we are doing.

This is something I quoted while interviewing, and have restated many times during my short tenure at Hamlin.  I believe that it is true; and I am overjoyed to see it happening.  Its happening in blogs, its happening on Twitter, it happens when our tech team shares with each other, with colleagues, and was definitely happening recently when the team shared five presentations at the first ever ATLIS (Association of Technology Leaders in Independent Schools) conference in Foster City.
You don’t however build a school culture with “the tech team” – Friday we were able to share with the entire staff a fantastic example of technology integration from every member of the faculty.  As a faculty we reflected on these projects and where they fell within the SAMR paradigm.  The greatest part was how easy it was to find exemplary projects from EVERY faculty member – we are thankful to work with such a dedicated and dynamic faculty here at Hamlin.

Screen Shot 2015-05-11 at 10.22.49 AM

Hamlin staff spend a perfectly gorgeous Friday afternoon reflecting on their work and that of their colleagues.

In the sprit of sharing what we do, here is the slide deck:

* the minds on, internet search activity, was taken from Kim Cofino and her ECIS Keynote: making the connection – besides, giving away gummy bears are (imho) always a great way to start a Friday afternoon staff meeting 🙂

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